Theresa Labrecque

I weave in the morning until 10 o’clock and then I usually go downstairs and paint. I find my inspiration in my mind, my friends, or in books. Making art makes me relaxed more, and I go out in the community more. I really enjoy the kids at the local school where I get to teach them weaving on a loom. I have doodled since I was 12 in a sketchpad. People told me that my art should be seen and that’s how I started going to Spindleworks, which is an art program. I learned to hand-spin wool into yarn on my first day and I’ve been making art every since. I am a painter. I paint flowers, and animals like giraffes. I am also a fiber artist and my priority is weaving. It is my favorite thing to do.


It is such a neat process. When you pick out a pattern in a book you don’t know how gorgeous it is going to be until you make it and sell it in a store. I like to go to galleries and museums and see other people’s art on the walls. It gives me inspiration to try to do what they did. I bring those ideas back and try to figure it out for myself. It makes me feel really happy to make art, and makes me feel free. It gets me out of the house and doing things. I’ve matured more after becoming an artist. I’ve learned to do things the hard way, but I’ve learned how.