Terri Snape

Terri is a long time Spindleworks artist. She is a prolific painter, whose signature style consists of layers of drawing and painting, creating a lively, and agitated surface. Often her original pencil images, of bald eagles or blue birds, cats, dogs, or fish, become covered over with paint and then reappear nearby or on top of the initial images. Terri is a natural on stage and has also had her poetry featured in a number of publications. Weaving is another talent she turns to when the mood strikes her. In 2017, Terri exhibited her solo retrospective show 'I Want to be Left Alone.' 

”I do fancy artwork down here. I like concentrating on my work and getting it done. Then I get paid a lot. I like painting and doing good fabric, yup. I like painting birds flying in the sky. That’s what I’m doing now.”