Brian Braley, Associate Director, Spindleworks & SpinOff Studio

Brian Braley believes that great art is found in our homes, hearts, and community and nothing exemplifies this more than Spindleworks. Brian received a BFA in Studio for Interelated Media from Massachusetts College of Art. He brings a fascination with a multitude of media such as drawing, painting, printmaking, and video and a passion for experimentation. Brian has experience running art programs with at-risk youth and helped facilitate art workshops out of a homebased business.  When not working, Brian is busy restoring an 1860’s farmhouse or sifting through junk stores for recoverable treasures.

Andrew Elijah Edwards, Program Supervisor                             

Andrew feels that the most enjoyable things in life are those that happen spontaneously, and finds a place at Spindleworks for his love of play, exploration, and experimentation. He brings a fascination with the moving image and the electronic landscape to the community at Spindleworks, facilitating an environment for animations, videos, and other electronic art. Andrew received his MFA in Emergent Digital Practices from the University of Denver in 2014.


Nancy Keenan Barron, Artist Mentor

A lifelong Maine artist, I was born and raised in Farmingdale. As early as I can remember I have been a maker. I didn’t call it art. I called it drawing, painting, playing. It was my go to activity. I consider myself a student of the arts with “classes” starting in the closet of my childhood bedroom that became a spaceship with the help of a crayon. A formal education followed with art lessons in Mrs. McGrail’s basement. For two hours on Saturday mornings I would get lost with pastels, paint and charcoal. Later, while at the University of Southern Maine I learned that all the fun I was having for years drawing and painting had its own language. Words like gesture, mood, line, color, contrast and undulation are some of the words I learn about and would look for in art. Now these are ideas I try to convey through my work. As an adult I still find peace while making art and gather inspiration from many arenas. Nature, life in central Maine and my daughters, with their sense of whimsy are my main inspiration. I currently practice my craft, painting, making mixed media works and assemblage sculptures at my home studio near the banks of the mighty Kennebec River where I live with my husband Bill and my three daughters, Willa, Laura and Maggie.


Deirdre Barton, Artist Mentor

Deirdre Barton has a B.A, in English with a minor in Art, from Boston College. She worked in a therapeutic classroom for preschool children with emotional and behavioral challenges as a Special Ed assistant. Deirdre also started her own retail business “Weatherbird” (combination of cafe, bakery ,market with women’s clothing, home accessories and gifts) and ran it for 24 years. She began working at Spindleworks after being a dedicated volunteer for a year, and brought with her an eye for display, fashion, and a myriad of other talents that come with owning a successful business! A watercolorist primarily, Deirdre also weaves, has a new found interest in knitting and embroidery and is also exploring oil pastels, acrylics and printmaking. When not working, she is an avid gardener, winter sports enthusiast and biker. She enjoys spending time with her family and exploring near and far.

Julianne Carle, Artist Mentor

Julianne Carle has always explored her world through creation in a variety of mediums and encourages others to do the same. After earning her BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University in Montreal she spent three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Panama. Upon returning to the states she worked on a sheep farm, in a fiber shop and at Camphill, an anthroposophic life-sharing community in rural New York. Though she has experimented with many methods of creation, Julianne finds fulfillment in the union of the practical and expressive in fiber art. She is currently on a mission to learn everything she can about fiber’s many forms and is happiest with a spindle in hand, quite possibly while walking through the woods.

Sara Cox, Artist Mentor

Sara graduated in 1990 with a BA from Sarah Lawrence College. Sara has been a professional potter for over 25 years and owner of Delilah Pottery, experience she brings to the pottery program at Spindleworks. She enjoys helping Spindleworks’ artists with a variety of projects, including fashion design, fiber art, drawing and dance.

Martha Truscott, artist mentor, Spindleworks


Martha Truscott is a painter, printmaker and mixed-media artist with a B.S. in Art Education from the University of Southern Maine. She is an experienced art educator with an extensive background working with people possessing all abilities, talents and challenges. She has taught visual and theater arts to elementary aged children, youth and adults in private and public schools and in therapeutic day treatment programs.