One last post!

In honor of my last day at Spindleworks, some favorite memories: IMG_1518



Sara teaching Nancy B. how to throw on the wheel with only one hand--a two-person art-making technique. When Caroline began telling me, "I know you!" Waltzing with Mitch in the sunny drawing room one early afternoon. Angela's refrain: "I'm a flower child from the '60s". Cathy's morning cheer of my name! Bo and Deirdre's printmaking class--and just observing the work of all the artist mentors with the artists, the constant flow of teaching and exploring. Danielle answering the phone. Maureen helping me to hang the show. Denae helping me knit. Teresa teaching me how to crochet!


Every day at Spindleworks was something new, something different, something joyful and challenging and interesting. I will miss every artist, staff member, and volunteer dearly, but I am unendingly grateful to them for taking me in, letting me be a part of the family, and teaching me more than I think they know.

I don't want to say goodbye to everything that I have found at Spindleworks--but luckily, I don't have to. I will see you all in the Spring! IMG_1335