What Goes Around Comes Around (Welcome, Celina!)

Last week, Celina Garcia began as a full-time artist mentor at Spindleworks. A recent graduate of Bowdoin College, Celina is quickly becoming part of the fabric of daily life at Spindleworks. Artists are eager to learn from her skills as a photographer and her talents in other mediums! Celina and Jimmy work in the painting studio.

One of Celina's first projects has been helping to prepare the new show in the Whatnot Gallery! "What Goes Around Comes Around" is opening on August 3rd. The show features circular art in a wide variety of mediums. In the hallway hangs artwork by the wonderful Karen.

I had taken the synchronicity of the art hanging all around Spindleworks for granted, but helping to ready the show taught me that--like in the creation of the art itself--time and consideration is required to make the final display seem effortless and coordinated.

What Goes Around Comes Around...sneak peek!

In other news from the week, on Wednesday all of Spindleworks gathered to watch the first cut of a documentary about the artists and the artwork of 7 Lincoln Street. Bill Kunitz began filming and interviewing a few years ago. The documentary was a wonderful snapshot of life at Spindleworks, encapsulating the community impact, immense creativity and sweet relationships of this place. It was a touching reminder of the diversity of people that Spindleworks affects, every day.

So, come by and see What Goes Around Comes Around in the next few weeks! And have a wonderful weekend, from everyone here at Spindleworks.

The loom room was packed to watch Bill's movie.