Good Energy

It's July--almost August--and summer is fully underway, but the Spindleworks house is free of the too-common midsummer blues. Instead of wilting, or fidgeting, or sulking under a thin layer of sweat, the artists are bursting with energy and producing as much amazing art as always. I think some of the energy comes in with the Maine air, through the open windows and doors, in one nostril during outdoor lunch and out the other in the painting room. Most it comes straight from the dedicated, creative spirits who work here.

Everyone has bad days, hard days, sad days, but it's easier to have a good day on a day like today, a sunny day, an art-filled day. Spindleworkers know about the bad days, but miraculously, the good energy of the whole house is rarely overturned. Through challenges and scuffles, Spindleworks remains a place dedicated to its cause of art-making and community-building.

There are smiles to be found at Spindleworks around every corner. Today: a group gathered in the dance room to learn a dance routine for So You Think You Can Dance's "National Dance Day" (video forthcoming). Eight artists worked solemnly on their pottery, using skills built up over several years. Nancy B. painted in shiny gold. Danielle sported a new hat from camp. Lloyd laughed until he nearly cried.

There is joy at Spindleworks, despite adversity. There is excitement for tomorrow. There is good energy--not to be taken for granted.


An ebullient Nancy B. at the wheel!

Angela strikes a pose!