Creation of a Birdhouse with help from Spindleworks Staff & Volunteers

I asked Alex if we can do a birdhouse and she said yes. Alex is a volunteer and she is doing an internship. And I told her I had to do some drawing first and then I will show Maureen the sketch I did and she said we can make one. Maureen is an artist mentor and she helps me do woodworking. Maureen said we have to do some different things to it and I said, that will be okay. I want to make some thing where no one did it before. It is my first one I did and I love it and cannot wait to see how it comes out and I am putting on shingles to the roof and the side of the house. When I am finished with it I will paint it.

I talked to Maureen and I was looking out the window and was seeing different roofs and colors and she said to me that you can make it what you want to do.

I love when the volunteers and the artist mentors come here to Spindleworks and teach me things. The mentors are teachers. Maureen showed me her work and then I could do my own creation. Cathy will show her textile painting and ask if you want to make one in your own style. I love to learn a lot and they are so nice to me. I love to come here and we have a lot of good teachers working here and they teach me a lot of things, and what they do and I love to see their work too.

I am happy to come here and love the place.

By artist Kim Christensen