Throwing like a Potter

Spindleworks is a place of constant learning and teaching: peer to peer, staff to staff, staff to artist, artist to staff, staff and artists to visitors. Artists are constantly working to improve their skills in various studios. Today was the first day of Wheel Week, when Sara teaches artists to throw on the pottery wheel. Throwing is an immensely hard skill--it requires knowledge, patience and exquisite care. Meanwhile, the possibility looms over the most experienced potter that with a slip of the hand, the structure will collapse back into amorphousness.

Watching new potters at the wheel was delightful. The wheel was psychedelically spattered with wet clay. Artist brought various attitudes and levels of skill. The different sets of hands shaping the silky clay was mesmerizing, as was the whirring of the wheel.

A tricky skill with big payoff--some artists made lovely creations, despite occasional mishaps. A great joy of being at Spindleworks is seeing the eagerness and determination with which artists tackle new projects, the boundless peer support through the learning process, and the absolutely amazing guidance and talent of the staff. When finished and on the store shelf, he beautiful work speaks for all that and much more.

Michelle, Sara, and Diane at the wheel.

Michelle's hands.

Thrown pieces!