Rainy Tuesdays

It's my fourth Tuesday at Spindleworks and every single one has been rainy. Sunny days and rainy days differ: when the sun is out, Spindleworkers spill onto the porch and fill the pottery studio with laughter and chatter. Rainy days bring more contemplative work, hands moving over looms and papers, eyes glancing up at every thunderclap. After break I spent the morning in the painting studio. With everything that goes on in Spindleworks, taking a few hours in one place can be focusing, a chance to connect more intimately with the happenings in one room. I worked with Karen on her painting of a red fox. We examined photos of foxes for details that Karen then carefully rendered.

It was satisfying to work one-on-one with an artist, to talk about ideas and to see Karen's interpretations. I also saw how much Karen enjoyed her work, how pleased she was by its iterations, even though she was often anxious to make marks on her canvas. My morning was a pleasant reminder--process is as important, if not more important than, product.

In other news--Spindleworkers took a field trip to a wood-carver's studio, there are upcoming workshops, and blue skies on the forecast. Happy Tuesday!

Karen and Caroline working in the painting studio.

What a fox!