Yesterday--Wednesday--a handful of Spindleworkers packed into the van and took a breezy drive to Popham Beach. The sand was scattered with shells and the footprints of children recently released into summer vacation. Draped over the warm pillows of sand, the artists sketched and relaxed. One of the most wonderful aspects of the Spindleworks community is comfort in silence. At Spindleworks, it is always okay to sit quietly by oneself, working and thinking and enjoying. The beach was peaceful, everyone comfortable with their peers and with their own work.

We also enjoyed lunch by the water, and explored Fort Popham. With intrepidness, Micah shone his flashlight into several dark, damp corners of the old stone structure. Back in the sunshine, we climbed to the top tower before driving back to Brunswick!

Today, Bo and Deirdre led a class on linocut printmaking. Printmaking is process-based art, and the artists were learning how to use their tools and plan their final prints. Their test prints were beautiful. All the artists at Spindleworks have their own styles and focuses and it is so wonderful to see their art manifested through different mediums. Of course, the talent and skill of the mentors never fails to impress!

Between the beach, dance class, printmaking, and the St. John's Bazaar tomorrow, Spindleworkers are relishing summer activities. Most lovely of all, between the bustle of activities and the focus of artwork, there's still time to sit with friends  chat over lunch by the flowers in the garden.

Sketching with a view.

Denae and Nancy B. from the top tower of Fort Popham!

Everyone in the courtyard!

Bo, with brayer.