The Spindleworks/Theater Project collaboration, "The Color In Our Leaves," was performed this past weekend. It featured an ensemble of six Spindleworkers and two community actors. There were both verbal and non-verbal sketches that united humor and poignancy on stage. The pieces used eloquent choreography, gestures, sound patterns, and words. The ensemble has been working together for many years; their expertise and comfort with each other was evident on stage. The pieces explored the idea of connection--sometimes successful, sometimes not. The title of the first, choreographed piece was "Connections," many of the other sketches involved hilarious miscommunications. Often, the moments of missed connection were funny while the sketches of successful connection--such as the piece "Dancing with my Father," were beautiful.

The Spindleworks community supported the wonderful thespians. Seeing the self-satisfaction of the actors was a reminder of how performance, a less common than visual art at Spindleworks, can facilitate self-expression that is quickly communicated to its viewers. In the black box theater, I laughed and applauded, happy to experience another facet of the artistic expression and community building that is generated at Spindleworks.



Happy Tuesday from 7 Lincoln Street! Stay posted for more this week--a visiting artist for lunch, a trip to the beach, art and art and more art...!