Grey Day, New Beginnings

It's a gloomy day, an unsure-if-it's-going-to-rain day, but Spindleworks is alive with colors. There's a quiet energy inside today, befitting the heavy clouds. Everyone is making. My name is Penelope, I'm a sophomore from Bowdoin College, and I'm interning at Spindleworks this summer. Like past interns, I'll be blogging about my experiences and about what's going on in the studios. This is my second full week at Spindleworks and I'm just starting to get the hang of things--so far just meeting all the artists and mentors, seeing everyone's work, and feeling the immense creative energy has been a wonderful and interesting experience.

Here's what I saw today:

Angela makes muted colors in the 3D studio

Kim and her flowers

Jimmy's rainbows are much brighter than today's sky

This past week everyone was in a hustle to get the "Put A Bird on It" show up in the Whatnot Gallery and it looks fantastically feathery.

From 5-8PM this Friday, June 12th, the show will be opening as part of Brunswick's Second Friday art walk. Make sure to come by and revel in some amazing birds.

Bonnie in the Put a Bird On It Show, admiring other artists' work!

Happy Monday everyone! More to come!