Spindleworks Newscast

For about a month, nine of the Spindleworks artists have been doing a newscast like SNL (Saturday Night Live). We do funny skits, and the Newscast has many different funny commercials and parts. Nancy does interviews, Diane does the weather forecast, Anna is doing a food talk, and I do the TV reviews. My TV reviews lists the TV shows and some of them I call “boring!” So far I have reviewed “Chips”, “Flash”, “The McCarthys”, and “NCIS”. NCIS is one of the boring ones, along with “Blue Bloods” and “Downton Abbey”. My favorite show is “Flash” and I gave it the highest rating. Along with the regular programming, we’re also doing stop animation with puppets and our first show is going to be Mork & Mindy. Nancy is going to be Miss Fix-It, and I am going to write the script. I also gave it a “thumbs-up” in my TV review!

I write the TV reviews and I also read them in front of the camera. I just ignore the camera and look at Denae or whoever is filming. We tape the Newscast on the computer and then we have to edit it to see if we did it right. Hopefully some of the skits will be on the website soon!

I interviewed a few of the artists about what their part is with the newscast, and here is what they said:

“I do the food talk for good nutrition. But also I would like to be open to doing other parts- like New York style humor.”

“I love comedy and the newscast is like comedy. I like the nutrition talk because I bring humor to it. It also teaches people to be fun and laugh about serious stuff, like nutrition.”

“I do interviews of peers about hobbies.”

“My favorite part of the show is writing the scripts. I like doing editing on the computer and typing the words for the show.”

“The weather. That involves like on the regular news when Joe Cupo says the temperatures- either warm or hot.”

“My favorite thing about doing the show is that it helps me learn about the weather.”

I hope people like the show…more pictures and news of the show to come!

-Post written by Spindleworks artist Melissa