We've got fabric on our minds

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us...This cardboard banjo sits by the window at the end of the upstairs hallway year round but is looking especially in place this week.


Don't think our heads are caught up in the holiday quite yet though; we've spent the morning with fabric on our mind! We've got a few artists putting the finishing touches on cashmere patch scarves, many weaving away on their latest projects, and a staff member learning to knit her first hat.



Upstairs, Cathy is teaching a silk screen printmaking workshop. We had one a few weeks ago, too, and some artists are adding on to their creations from that session.



DSC02069 DSC02063

Downstairs, Diane works on a jumper with Sarah. They're using an old pattern that we found from the 80s with an appropriately retro cloud patterned fabric. It's been a process reading the faded pattern, but the top half has been shaped and completed already, and the sweet blue skirt is well on its own way.



What a winter we've had in Brunswick, with our windows all frosted over and fogging up. The snow bank outside has engulfed the front walk's wooden tree sculpture that one of our artists made and cancelled days of work continue to pile up. Winters like this make it clear that we're lucky to be located in such a lively part of the state. A fundraiser is in the makings, art shows continue to be scheduled, visitors continue to stop by or shop, and the overall feeling of the days has yet to change or tire. I'm still not fully convinced that it's even a possibility.