A Friday of Folding with Anna Lowe...

On Thursday and Friday of this week, we had bookmaker Anna Lowe come in to teach two workshops on making "flexigrams": paper shapes that open in multiple directions to reveal hidden pieces of artwork or tell a story. The process reminds me a bit of making those origami cootie catchers that were so popular in middle school. Anna brought sample flexigrams that featured figures changing outfits when folded and unfolded different ways, different lines of poems, and different petals to flowers. The artists were taught to make certain shapes to work with but had total freedom in design and purpose of the pieces. What an incredible turn out we had this morning for a somewhat quieter day in the studios.... DSC02060







We're looking forward to seeing Anna again in a few weeks when she returns to teach a workshop on "magic wallets." Thanks Anna! This was a relaxing and productive workshop on such a chilly Friday.