Woven Wednesdays

Each Wednesday, artist mentor Cathy takes a group of artists to visit the local elementary school. There they spend a little under an hour teaching first and second grade students to weave. The children are as eager to learn the process as we are to use our skills towards teaching. Barbara took charge of the loom today. The students have been adding on to this creation week after week. Barbara gives them each the chance to weave a few rows and then calls the next student up for a turn. DSC01896



While the students do get turns using the real loom, they've also been taught to create their own looms using just scissors and cardboard. This process is called "card weaving." A huge selection of yarn is picked through each week by the students. There is so much room for originality and experimentation in this process. One student explained the way she chose her colors in coordination with the fur on her favorite doll's stuffed dog: the finished piece is to be his blanket!




It's an experience to watch this short but meaningful visit play out. Both the students and Spindleworks visitors are listeners, learners, and artists, each offering such positivity to one another and embracing this unique opportunity.