A Storm of Productivity

Spindleworks was closed during yesterday's "snowmageddon," but that didn't stop today from being as energetic as any. A few artists and the full Wednesday staff went in around noon today to shovel, clean, organize, and, finally, create. The energy was full and powerful on this post-blizzard afternoon.


Terri was particularly productive today with her eye for great color. She completed so many pastel prints this afternoon with her signature abstract technique.



Visiting Nancy B. at her drawing desk always brings a new experience. She creates intricate pieces based on such a variety of subjects. Today she drew inspiration from a book on flower life cycles.


Angela's mind is on the approaching super bowl! She's in the final stages of work on her wooden rendition of the Patriot's Tom Brady. This large project has actually come together quite quickly, and will probably be finished just in time for Sunday.


Here sits Emma with watercolor and canvas. She seems so content in the company of these tools. Emma's work tends towards the ethereal. What grace is shown in her handle of brushes and the landscapes she illustrates despite the bleak winter skies.

We hope everyone was safe during Juno and that we've succeeded in offering you a little of the brightness that we experienced today. It seems that the dreariest of days often bring such inspiration. They can evoke that stir-crazy need in us to battle back the dullness with brilliant work.

Stay warm!