ADA Boston Trip

IMG_4141 IMG_4146 IMG_4147 IMG_4148 IMG_4151 IMG_4152 IMG_4153 IMG_4161 IMG_4170 This past week I traveled to Boston with a friend from Spindleworks, Emma Becker. We went to represent Spindleworks at an art exhibit called “Celebrating the Americans with Disabilities Act Through Art”. There were artists from all over New England- Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut- including seven Spindleworkers! There was also a poetry reading and the poets were from as far as India. The poetry was about overcoming disabilities, and it was very powerful and well done. The show was held in a very big gallery on a side street in Boston- a really nice spot. It was the ADA center of Boston. The show was really a celebration of having a disability and expressing it through art. The works of art were all paintings in different styles. I did an acrylic painting of different types of squash, and Emma did a watercolor ocean scene. It was nice to represent Spindleworks and give out business cards- it made us feel like real, professional artists. It made me appreciate Spindleworks and the artwork that we have even more. It was like one big party!

To read more about the show and the Americans with Disabilities Act, visit:

Artwork (from top to bottom) by: Emma Becker, Terri Snape, Anna McDougal, Karen McGann, Melissa Capuano, Micah Webbert, and Sheri Davis. All photos by Anna McDougal.

-post by Spindleworks Artist Anna McDougal