Sam’s Superheroes

March 1-31, 2011
Little Dog Coffee Shop
87 Maine Street, Brunswick
Hours: Mon-Sat 6:30am-6pm; Sun 7am-6pm

Imagine a fashion show of Superheroes and Bad Guys, who appear to battle less over the forces of good and evil as they do for the top spot on the runway. In Sam Eberhart’s solo show, “Sam’s Superheroes” the walls are populated with Jokers, Two Faces, Catwomen, Batmans and Robins and more—all lined up for review. In Sam’s world, these superheroes take on significance beyond their pop culture assignment. They are long legged giants standing at the ready, and the most subtle of facial expressions may let on to whether you should be scared or glad that your protector has finally arrived. Together they create a wall of force to be reckoned with. Come enjoy a cup of coffee and find your favorite superhero this month at the Little Dog.

In addition to the superhero series, Sam is a prolific painter of visual narratives ranging from outbreaks of chicken pox and ant bites to re-imagined scenes from the “English Patient”. All of Sam’s work can be found just across the street at Spindleworks, 7 Lincoln Street. Come visit the artist in action Mondays and Wednesdays.