John Joyce

John has been part of Spindleworks since the day the doors opened in the late seventies. In that time, he has written poetry, woven rugs and painted pictures, performed in theatre, danced, and sung songs accompanied by his ukulele. He is a man of costumes and personae, which are reflected in his work as powerful characters that might all be interpreted as self portraits: The Lone Ranger, Tanto, Johnny Nashville, Stevie Wonder, James Bond, Zoro. John has constructed boxes, three dimensional relief paintings, sculptures, elaborate collages, and an array of other items, including one of a kind t-shirts. John’s work is widely collected and yet despite his long and extremely successful artistic career, his plans and dreams span beyond Spindleworks. Other interests include having a band, a radio station, his own office, and of course, a house in Harpswell, Maine.