Emilie Williams

Emilie knew straight out of high school that Spindleworks was a place she could grow creatively, and she has. Emilie is a fiber artist primarily, skilled at weaving, crocheting (which she taught herself), knitting, tatting and macrame. Emilie’s ideas come almost faster than she can create them, and as a motivated artist, she will think nothing of picking up a new medium or technique to get her ideas into form. She has created clay whistles, an entire set of instruments out of wood, stuffed animals, purses and bags, and if all of that isn’t enough, Emilie is also an incredible writer, typing up quick one of a kind declarations, poems, and short narratives which she delivers when the feeling strikes. Her recent experiments with photoshop and some of her writing can be found on her blog, while Emilie also has a large collection of music albums on her bandcamp site.