like two ride horse  and   brush them

in  brunswick        i go  down   old      bath    road   and    brush     them   and     feed  them.

Wall   Quilt    by   Diane    Black   2016

I    like    pottery    too    in    the    summer

I    help     other     people     when    they    need     help

with     the     pottery

in    the     fall     i     weave     and     make     warm

mittens     and     embroidery

I    set    up    art    shows     in     the     What    Not    gallery  

I've    been    here     about    twenty   four    years

Inside     of     a     House     Diane     Black     embroidery     floss     11 1/2"     x     12 1/2"

Wolfe's   Neck      Horse      by   Diane      Black   2015

Untitled     (Large     Face     and     Shoulder)     1999     Diane     Black     Oil    crayon,     pencil     on     paper     22     1/4"     x     15     3/4"

Silver     Horse     with     Black      Mane     by     Diane     Black      2013     pastel on paper     9     1/2"    x    8       

Palominio Blonde      by     Diane     Black     6     1/2"     x     11"     pastel     on   paper