Donald Freeman

Donald is one of Spindlework’s most energetic artists, using his whole body in his paintings and pastel drawings. Certainly one of the most openly jolly in the Spindleworks community, Donald enjoys singing and laughing while he works. Check out this recent video capturing his beautiful baritone!
He pours his all into his ”double Ds”, a reoccurring movement in his work. Donald has a great eye for color, working in bold palettes as well as more subtle and moody combinations. He has also ventured into the woodshop to create birdhouses, a lamp, and most recently, a mailbox. He has unique ideas and the energy to make them happen.


Donald is an artist that is interested in everything and takes inspiration from the world around him, always asking, "how does that work?"  

He uses pencils, crayons, pastels, ink, water color, acrylics, wood, fabric and thread to create and is always looking to make "something new."  Donald also likes to act, write poetry and get out into the community.  He loves to give and receive mail and enjoys celebrating holidays.