Diane Black


Diane is an accomplished and prolific painter, as well as an enthusiastic teacher. Most days she can be found quietly working in her studio on drawings inspired by other works of art, as well as a seemingly endless well of portraits of men and women out of her imagination. She is intrigued by many different subjects and interprets them with her own unmistakable style.  She has also developed her own signature wood-burning technique, translating her paintings into textured reliefs which stand on their own, and have also become part of a number of collaborations with her husband Earl. She also loves to weave large tapestries, inspired and assisted by Earl. Diane is generous with her talents, and enjoys the opportunity to teach at Spindleworks and in the community. She and her husband Earl live in Brunswick where they hope to soon have their very own home through Habitat for Humanity. Diane is represented by Spindleworks, and Lorri Berenberg at the Berenberg Gallery in Boston.