Joining the program: Artists interested in accessing the program should contact Holly Randall at Independence Association: 207-504-5850. There is an application and assessment process that takes approximately one month.


Spindleworks is looking for artists to teach one to four part workshops at Spindleworks. Workshops can run from 1-1.5 hours, and are usually held here between 10:30-noon, m-f. We welcome artists working in any media including performance arts. Our facility has a drawing and painting studio, weaving studio, small printing press, wood shop and ceramics studio. Stipends are available. Interested persons should call Brian Braley at 725-8820 for more information, send a letter of interest and proposal to Spindleworks, 7 Lincoln Street, Brunswick ME 04011 or bbraley@iaofmaine.org


There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer at Spindleworks. Would you like to teach a class? Take an artist to coffee? Teach someone a new skill? Go on a field trip? Write or research grants? Help around the property? Please contact Brian Braley at 725-8820 or bbraley@iaofmaine.org