I dream the colors

Posted on: November 3rd, 2015 by Spindleworks

Introducing “I Dream the Colors: The Artists of Spindleworks” a film by local filmmaker Bill Kunitz.

We first met Bill as a volunteer from Bowdoin College. He and some colleagues spent the morning at Spindleworks and he helped paint our newly renovated 3-D studio. A year or so later, he re-emerged and asked if he could make a film about Spindleworks. Once we looked at his first documentary, Goranson Farm, we knew he would create a beautiful film.

In Bill’s words,”Photographed over two years, the film focuses on the artists of Spindleworks and their astonishing creativity. Most importantly, it is the story of their abilities rather than their disabilities.


DVDs are now available at Spindleworks!We see artists painting, weaving, working in clay; working alone and with their mentors, collaborating with one another on a writing project, bringing their unique vision to their art.” Bill is as humble as the the description of his wonderful film. In it he has captured the relationships between artists, and artist mentors, and the sense of community that has developed in the studios.

It has been great to get to know Bill over the past several years. He was a quiet, respectful presence when he came to film and he has developed wonderful friendships with the artists. In conversations we could feel his genuine excitement and awe about the artists and their work. He has been so mindful, and careful about the story he has been crafting. He is humble, and conscientious in his approach. He has really become part of the Spindleworks family: he really gets what it is we do here, why it matters not only to the artists, but to the community.

Bill has been making films since he was fourteen. His most recent film, “Goranson Farm: An Uncertain Harvest”, was chosen as a selection for the 8th Annual Camden International Film Festival and presented on MPBN television.

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